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*$2.99/day Membership

Sign up and get your FREE Up&Go Shopping Cart, complete with every features for online store. FREE .COM domain name (subject to availability) and FREE Hosting for your shop. All you need to do is upload products and start selling! 



Bill 30 days in advance

Standard Up&Go Cart is *$2.99/day. Your subscripion is billed advanced on a monthly 30 days cycle. We will contact you once your online shop is ready so you may start selling online.
Please read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions.



Free online training video

Don't know how? Login and watch online video tutorial and easy to follow instructions on how to get your business up running in simple steps.
Need more help? Feel free to send us your enquiry or enrol on one of the professional trainining programme.



Upload products and start selling

After watching the training video you will be confident to upload your products and start selling! The "Key to Success" in any business is marketing. As a member you have access to article and video tutorials on how to succeed selling products online.



with all the features you need for selling and promoting your products online, You have the option to sell physical items or digital products.


Video and documentation on how to upload product from scratch. and start selling. Explained in a Step-by-step manner..


*12 months of email support on queries related to shopping cart.


*Free hosting for domain name of your choice (subject to availability)


 Shopping cart platform used by over 342 000 eCommerce Entrepreneurs world-wide from corporations to local businesses.
A proven and trusted platform with powerful features, giving you the freedom to sell anything you want.
Built to work with Smartphones, Tablets and PC. Support 40 languages and international currencies for selling worldwide.
 Responsive Store Front
Best Shopping Cart for selling online

That means your products and store front and website will always look great on Smart phones, Tablets and PC screen sizes. Giving you more options to capture customers and to sell your products online 24hrs x 7days. Unlimited customers. Sell more products!

Store Management
Manage entire store from one place

Owners can manage the entire Store function online from a single dashboard. Add/delete products, adjust stock situation,  Manage customers and affiliates groups. Get full overview report of important  store activities.  Set up discounts, minimum quantiy order etc., by product or customer group. Create marketing campaign. 

Freight and Delivery
Support international shipping methods

Most world-renowned Shipping methods are integrated with your shopping cart such as, GPO, Citylink, FedEx, Parcelforce, Royal mail, UPS, USPS and much more. Most major shipping companies in your local marketplace support this shopping cart.

Sales Tracking and Reporting
Track and full view od store activities

Keep track of number of items sold and get notification when customer make order.
Get ful view report on  customer activities such as how many customer visited your store, number of customer online, view orders, reward points, customer credit,
affilate activity report, order history, returns including google analytics.

Product  and Inventory
Different options to sell your products

 Setup shopping options for attributes
such as feature sizes, colors, length, height. Keep track of stock and display Out-of-Stock warning when level drops to critical. 

Payment and Refund
Supports international gateways

Shopping cart offer different payment options such as cheque, Paypal or bank transfer. Choose from any of 36 payment methods that is integrated with the shopping cart or download from marketplace. Manage refunds.

Discounts, coupons, specials
Marketing tools to help you succeed

Store owners can set and offers discounts, coupons and specials to promote sales. Season sales and promotion campaign. Assign Loyalty customer Reward points for purchasing products from store

Multi-store and Affiliates
Platform that alllow you to grow!

Multi-store capability. Built in affiliate system that allow you to promote specific products using affilates and get paid for it.
Market your products in different ways, and expand your store in different ways.


Everything you need to sell online from $2.99/day * !  Want more? Custom design? No problem, just talk to us!
Signup now, upload your products, start selling and make money!



Up&Go Professional Shopping Cart
$ 2.99/ day
Bill monthly on recurring 30 days cycle.
Shopping cart complete with everything you need to sell products online.
FREE Domain, FREE Hosting, FREE Cart
Just upload your products and start selling!
  • 0.20 TB storage
  • 5 email box
  • *No bandwidth or page limit restraints
  • Easy online HowTo user guide

$0.99/Day* Website Hosting

The perfect hosting plan for someone who just wants a host for their website.
For more complex hosting requirements, please feel free to talk to us about a tailor made solution.


Basic Web Hosting Only
$ 0.99/day
Bill monthly on recurring 30 days cycle.
Perfect for customers who already has a domain and want to build their own website.
Everything you need to go on your own!
  • 0.10 TB storage
  • 5  emailbox
  • PHP/MySQL Database
  • FTP
  • *No bandwidth or page limit constraintFTPFTP

$1.99/Day* Hosting + *Website

The perfect plan for new startup or business who wants a simple website to show their products/services to customers.
For more custom design requirements, please feel free to talk to us about a tailor made solution.


Hosting with *DIY Landing Page Website Template to customise 
$ 1.99/day
Bill monthly on recurring 30 days cycle.
For customers who don't have domain and quickly want a website up.
*FREE Domain, *FREE Hosting and *FREE Template
(if you require us to do it for you or have custom web design feel free to talk to us)
  • 0.10 TB storage
  • 10 emailboxes
  • PHP/MySQL Database
  • FTP
  • *No bandwidth or page limit constraint

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